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Transforming the Personal Care Experience

The personal care industry is a dynamic field full of opportunities, it is a good time to produce next-level products that meet or exceed customer expectations or experience, performance and sustainability. As an emerging trend in the beauty industry, hyper-personalization is the driver of customer relationships, based on 3 pillars: efficiency, speed, and quality service. Personalization is an opportunity for personal care businesses to grow towards the global market.

1. Drive sales growth

With personalized offerings, companies can increase their sales rate as consumers love having access to products that meet their specific needs. According to Forrester, 77% of consumers choose, or are willing to pay more for brands that offer a personalized customer experience.

2. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Hyper-personalization offers a unique and personalized shopping experience for consumers.

3. Gain competitive advantage

Hyper-personalization helps companies stand out from their competitors by offering exclusive products that meet the specific needs of each customer. This gives the company a strong impression in a competitive market.

4. Improving brand image

It can encourage consumers to consider the brand as a reference in personalized personal care and recommend it to colleagues.

MediaNT as part of Adobe Solution Partner utilizes the superior features of Magento/Adobe Commerce, to help businesses in the personal care industry experience an impressive number of benefits.

Building Excellence with Magento

Magento/Adobe Commerce, as a leading E-Commerce platform, provides a number of features that are very useful for personal care businesses in the B2B model. Here is a brief description of these features:

1. Shared Catalog

The Shared Catalog feature allows personal care businesses to create a shared catalog that can be accessed by their business customers. This makes it easier for customers to browse and order products relevant to their needs without having to search across platforms.


a. Product Grouping, products can be grouped by category or specific needs, making it easier for customers to find the products they are looking for.

b. Personalization, shared catalogs can be customized for each customer or group of customers, ensuring that each business entity gets access to products that suit their needs.

2. Quote (Negotiation)

The Quote or negotiation feature allows B2B customers to submit a price quote or create a customized quote request. This facilitates the price negotiation process between buyers and sellers, which is often an integral part of the personal care business.


a. Pricing Flexibility, customers can request customized pricing based on purchase volume or long-term contract agreements.

b. Streamlined Business Process, speeds up the negotiation process, allowing personal care businesses to better adapt to customer needs.

3. Branding

The branding feature in Magento allows personal care businesses to customize the look and content of their e-commerce site. This includes selection of visual themes, page layouts, and customizable content according to their brand identity.


a. Helps create a site appearance that matches the brand identity, improving customer impressions and trust.

b. Custom Marketing, provides space for customized marketing campaigns, attracting customers to understand the value of the personal care products offered.

4. Quick Order

The Quick Order feature allows B2B customers to quickly and easily add products to the shopping cart by using other product references. This aids in a quick and efficient purchasing process.


a. Purchasing Efficiency, customers can quickly complete their purchase without having to browse the entire site.

b. Routine Ordering, very useful for customers who often place routine orders with the same products.

5. Company Account

The Company Account feature allows personal care businesses to create a corporate account that includes multiple users. Each user can have different levels of access, facilitating coordinated purchasing and access management.


a. Access Management, company admins can manage the access rights and tasks of each user, ensuring better control over the purchasing process.

b. Centralized Purchasing, helps in centralizing purchasing and account management, making the business experience more organized.

By leveraging the superior features of Magento/Adobe Commerce, B2B E-Commerce in the personal care sector can deliver an exceptional Hyper Personalization Personal Care Experience. The advantages create a strong foundation for sustainable business growth and better customer satisfaction.

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